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Intermittent gateway failures jeopardize WWTP operations and safety

Excerpt from attached Case-Study

The Littlewood/Englewood Wastewater Treatment plant in the state of Colorado, uses approximately thirty-five gateway access points to monitor and troubleshoot all the instruments and processes within the Profibus network.

These gateways collect and aggregate a wide variety of in-depth, real-time data from any Profibus network on the plant floor.

Unfortunately, there were some sporadic issues with the existing network management, which put process control at a very high risk.

For Joe Morrissette, the SCADA Specialist in charge of the Process Control System, the gateway product he was using at the time was running into some performance and reliability issues for which there was no simple solution.

Though Joe ran through all the scenarios he knew of while troubleshooting the system, in the end the problem became too time consuming and it was no longer practical to continue pursuing a solution.

The TH Link disgnostic tool is easy to use, controller independent,
independent of configuration tools, and can be integrated without
interfering with the operation of existing installations

The TH Link Solution: TH LINK immediately impressed both Joe Morrissette and his network integrator with its simple and efficient implementation.

Joe explained, "Usually if one of your set-up parameters is wrong, the system just says, 'failed to go online with bus'. With TH LINK, the system actually tells you exactly which parameter needs to be adjusted and how.

For instance, it might tell you, 'You need to adjust your target rotation time to be between x and y.' This level of detail makes the set-up process go much more quickly and efficiently, even if the technician doing the set-up is less advanced."

After a year's worth of experience using TH LINK, Joe continues to confidently rely on TH LINK's consistent and reliable performance.

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