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Chairman's Message

... Join me at the premier Industrial Automation event of the year

Dear Automation Expert,

In only a few weeks time, from the 24th April to the 28th April, the world's largest industrial exhibition, the Hanover Fair in Germany, will once again open its doors to the public.

More than 6,500 exhibitors will showcase the latest developments in their fields. For those of you planning to attend this spectacular event, please contact me and I'll facilitate a tour of the PI International Booth, where we'll connect you to the leading experts for industrial networking.

Visiting the PI Stand at Hanover Fair is an absolute must for every Automation professional. It's your chance to network with new contacts from around the world and view the many solutions on display from over 300 manufacturers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET equipment.

Industrial Network technologies play a vital role in digitalisation, and in turn influence the realisation of IIoT and Industrie 4.0. These Networks ensure the reliable and timely transmission of data in almost every aspect of modern control and automation systems.

However, seeing what is possible and what new technology solutions can do is only one side of the coin, and does not necessarily translate into the ability to take advantage of their features and benefits.

As a regional association of PI Global and its many members, we take pride in the fact that PROFIBUS & PROFINET Australia plays an active role in the equally important technology adoption process - the provision of knowledge and training to Australian industry and our local automation experts.

Our industry is in the middle of generational change, where many of the long established experts are slowly being replaced by a generation of younger engineers.

The risk of losing a wide range of technical competencies due to this shift is very real. But conversely, this development poses an opportunity to educate and teach these young engineers the digital technologies that are currently changing the face of automation.

At the PAA, it is our commitment to the Australian industry to provide quality, Certified PROFIBUS and PROFINET training courses that empower your engineers to apply the technologies that are creating greater efficiencies and productivity in our sector.


Rafael Koenig

PAA Chairman

Certified PROFIBUS & PROFINET moore
Training a key step in the race to stay relevant

The push to future-proof factory and process automation businesses will continue at pace in 2017 driven by the digital revolution; the options remain to invest, train and keep up, or fall behind into irrelevance.

PROFIBUS & PROFINET training will be geared towards empowering workers to operate the more responsive, more efficient, smarter and more flexible automated sites of the digital era.


It's been hard to miss all the activity going on recently around time sensitive networking (TSN) and OPC UA. What's it mean for the near-term future of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and industrial networking in general.


Balluff is the first in the world to offer equipment manufacturers a simple-to-integrate, cost-saving safety solution based on IO-Link.

Safety over IO-Link combines automation and safety in one system and represents efficient safety concepts from one source.


Procentec's new vision for diagnostics in the Industrial Ethernet space, Atlas, will officially be launched at this year's Hannover Messe.

PROCENTEC warmly invites you to join them for the big launch at Hannover Messe on April 25th. You will find PROCENTEC in Hall 9 at H83. Please register here for your free ticket.


Adopting Digital Technologies moore
Small steps to digital plant success

Smart businesses are getting to know the value of intelligent, predictive, digital systems by setting aside and modernising a small section of their plant.

Installing a new technology plant-wide is difficult and daunting. The best approach is to simply identify the issue that is causing the most pain, then work with an automation industry partner to develop a solution for this problem.


For more information on Softing's diagnostics & troubleshooting tool TH LINK - Contact Patrick van Eybergen (Ti2)

WWTP Case-Study

The mobile access provided via Softing's TH LINK made it possible for the Process Control Manager to remotely access the PROFIBUS network within his WWTP even though he was miles away on a family vacation.


Since more and more companies today rely on Ethernet-based communication in industrial networks, special network designs - geared towards the requirements of the applications - have found their way into various industry sectors.


POSITAL has expanded its family of IXARC absolute rotary encoders to include models explicitly designed for use in safety-critical motion control systems.

The new encoders feature redundant measurement elements and are certified to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2) and Performance Level d (PL d).


Innovation is, of course, partly about technology. But it is also about massive improvements in productivity through the empowerment of a business's only uncapped resource - its people.

A modern, hi-tech workplace is one in which people can work on the business rather than in it.


Should you use a managed switch or an unmanaged switch with PROFINET?

YES! Yes, you should use either a managed or an unmanaged Ethernet switch with PROFINET.

A managed switch provides information that can help prevent downtime and speed troubleshooting when the line does go down. The more expensive downtime is in your facility, the more important it is to invest in a managed switch.



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