Peter Thomas reviews the 3 day Certified PROFINET Training Course

Leading UK Industry Automation Expert and Trainer, Peter Thomas previews PAA’s upcoming 3 day Certified PROFINET Engineer course….includes common Industrial Ethernet misconceptions; the benefits & best practices of Profibus/Profinet integration in Process & Factory Automation; and important Network Security requirements.

Q:1 What is PROFINET and how does it differ from Profibus? Question 1

Q:2 What are the benefits of PROFINET and can I integrate it with my existing Profibus installation? Question 2

Q:3 Q:3 Is it a good idea to control an industrial process using Ethernet ? Question 3

Q:4 How do I keep my PROFINET application secure? Question 4

Q:5 What skills and tools will I require to configure and support a PROFINET system ? Question 5

Q:6 What does the course cover and what skills will I gain? Question 6