2016 Profinet & Profibus Global Forum

Featuring: Automation Innovation Summit
Summit Theme: Raising Australia’s Productivity through Innovation

Date: Wednesday 25 May 2016

Venue: Australian Technology Park

Address: Locomotive St, Eveleigh, NSW

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1 - Global Forum Introduction

2 - Defying Productivity Decline

3 - Innovation: An Essential Ingredient of Productivity

4 - Competing and Learning on a Global Stage

5 - Holistic and Practical Government Policy key to an Innovative Future

6 - Networking for Innovation

7 - Industrial Automation: The Nexus of innovation and Productivity

8 - Global Forum / Automation Innovation Summit Media Release

9 - Global Forum Industry Experts

Global Forum Introduction:

Industrial Automation experts from around the world will gather in Sydney (May 2016) to share their knowledge and practical experiences in a series of keynote presentations on Industrial Network Solutions at the Australian Technology Park.

This one-day Profibus & Profinet Global Forum will comprise three events:

  1. The morning session is devoted to an Information Forum featuring a series of technical presentations on PI network solutions in process and manufacturing  industries delivered by the world’s leading experts in Profibus and Profinet technologies.
  2. The full day Profibus & Profinet Technical Exhibition will feature 10 of PAA’s leading vendors displaying their products, solutions and technologies.
  3. The highlight of the Forum will be an Automation Innovation Summit where a number of industry experts will present an international perspective on the applications of Industrial Automation, and how these lessons and experiences can be applied to Australian manufacturing and process industries.

Defying Productivity Decline

A nation’s productivity is closely tied to its standards of living. Little wonder that competitors on the global market are continually seeking ways to enhance their own productivity and gain a competitive edge. To stay still is to fall behind.

But falling behind we are. Peter Harris, Chairman of the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission, noted in the July 2015 PC Productivity Update that “productivity growth is uneven among industries and some were negative in 2013-14.”

He further stated that “the productivity growth witnessed in 2013-14 remained well below what is required to maintain our historical growth in living standards”, while the need for improved productivity to confront the challenges of an ageing population, resource depletion, and other external events.

How can Australia overcome this inertia, and galvanise industry to attain productivity growth?

Innovation: An Essential Ingredient of Productivity

Years of research indicate innovation plays a significant part in underpinning productivity gains, ultimately leading to economic outcomes and improved living standards.

Innovation opens the door to new technologies and new ways of applying these technologies. It is the promise that there can be better ways to do things, and that more can be achieved with less.

Innovation has underpinned some of the greatest advances in human history. The shift to mass production was an innovation by Henry Ford and his peers. The Lean methodology famously used by Toyota was itself the product of innovation.

Join us at the 2016 Profibus & Profinet Global Forum and Automation Innovation Summit for an exchange of ideas. Learn about how companies both local and global are benefiting from innovation, and hear from a range of technical experts, industry leaders and government representatives as they present a practical plan of action to turbo-boost the next decade of innovation and growth in Australia.

Competing and Learning on a Global Stage

Speakers at the Automation Innovation Summit, part of the Profibus & Profinet Global Forum, will explore a whole host of ideas. But a major theme will be how the private and government sectors can play a part in nurturing innovation and productivity in Australia.

While globalisation has led to increased competition, it has also yielded a major opportunity: Australia’s Manufacturing and Process companies now have unparalleled access to Industry Automation technologies and knowhow.

To compete effectively on a global stage, companies must be ready to take on board knowledge, techniques, processes, and technologies from allies and competitors around the world.

But it’s not simply a matter of copying what works for other companies or other countries. Innovation must play a part: businesses need to be innovative in integrating these new capabilities and assets into their operations, while leveraging their own strengths and local advantages in order to develop new products and gain a competitive edge.

Holistic and Practical Government Policy key to an Innovative Future

But innovation does not just happen. Rhetoric and ideas about innovation must be backed up by concrete planning and real investment of time, effort and money.

Besides funding for research and development, speakers at the Automation Innovation Summit will explore how government and industry can work together to develop long-term and strategic policies that enable the importation and integration of knowledge from other parts of the world. And these innovation policies should not be simply limited to certain industries, but instead span Federal and State governments; and include research funding, infrastructure, education and industry.

In particular, innovation goals should be set to ensure universities and colleges produce sufficient specialized engineering graduates, and there must be continued support for effective collaborations between businesses and universities and public sector research agencies.

Networking for Innovation

The Profibus & Profinet Global Forum and Automation Innovation Summit will bring together automation experts and industry leaders from:

  • The Australian Federal & State Governments
  • Engineering associations like Engineers Australia
  • Academic institutions like RMIT University, CSIRO and Curtin University
  • Economic organisations like the German/Australian Chamber of Commerce and the German Electrical & Electronic manufacturing Association.
  • Profibus International
  • Leading industrial companies around the world

The morning of the Profibus & Profinet Global Forum is a prime opportunity for you to examine what the world’s leading automation companies doing to innovate their processes, technologies through Industrial Networking.

The Automation Innovation Summit, which takes place in the afternoon session, will provide thought-provoking perspectives about what innovation is, and how industry and government can work together to ensure continuing productivity gains and innovation. It is also a people networking event, where you can share information and explore future collaborative opportunities.

Industrial Automation: The Nexus of innovation and Productivity

Technology has an important role to play in any discussion about innovation: after all, it is both the cause of innovation, and an end result of innovation. It is the concrete means by which new ideas are translated into productivity gains.

One particularly technology which is closely tied to both innovation and productivity is Industrial Automation.

Industrial Automation refers to the control over industrial machines and processes like manufacturing, material handling, packaging and quality control, without requiring human intervention.

Automation directly boosts productivity by saving labour, energy, and reducing wastage of materials, thanks to its improved accuracy, precision and end product quality.

Through the use of automation, companies can coordinate and monitor multiple machines and processes allowing an even greater degree of operational efficiency.

True innovation lies with knowing what automation technologies are available, and integrating these technologies into existing operations to maximise their effectiveness.

The Profibus & Profinet Global Forum is a great place to learn directly from the experts about the technologies that underlie industrial automation systems: sensors, drives, programmable logic controllers, industrial networking equipment and protocols, and the software that knit everything together.

Our Global Forum Programme will feature the following Industry experts:


Germany - Karsten Schneider (Chairman - Profibus International)

Germany - Michael Ziesemer (Chief Operating Officer of Endress+Hauser; President of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing Association)

Germany - Klaus-Peter Lindner (Manager, Endress+Hauser Process Solutions)

Germany - Mr Martin Mueller (Phoenix Contact, Vice President of I/O and Networks)

Germany - Jens Scheib (Siemens)

Germany - Peter Wenzel

USA - Carl Henning (PI North America)

USA - Michael Bowne (PI North America)

Germany  - Prof. Dr. Frithjof  Klasen (Institute of Automation & Industrial IT)

Germany - Xaver Schmidt (Siemens)

Switzerland - Karl Buettner (Endress+Hauser)



Federal Department of Industry, Innovation, & Science

Victorian Department for Small Business, Innovation & Trade

West Australian Department of Commerce

Queensland Department for Science & Innovation

NSW Department for Industry, resources and Energy

Professor Roy Green (Dean of the UTS Business School)

Professor Chris Aldrich (Curtin University - Mining & Metals)

Falk Hohmann (Siemens Product Manager for Industrial Networks)

Rafael Koenig (Chairman Profibus Australia; Manager Pentair Actuation & Controls)

Paul Markwick (Director Sage Automation)

Andrew Brown (Fortescue  - Lead Controls System Engineer)

Australian German Chamber of Commerce

Engineers Australia

Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council



Minerals Council of Australia