3 NEW product modules for the COMbricks Family

In partnership with PROCENTEC, I S Systems is pleased to announce the release of three new product modules to the COMbricks family.
1: PA module
2: Profinet module
3: RS 485-IS module

COMbricks is the first PROFIBUS and PROFINET based automation system that unites network components, permanent monitoring and remote I/O.

1: COMbricks™ PA Segment coupler

The PA Segment coupler enables seamless integration of PA Networks. The integrated ProfiTrace and Oscilloscope make this product extremely powerful for remote maintenance and usage of Asset Management tools via the included CommDTM. The PA coupler does not require configuration and operates the same way as a regular COMbricks repeater.

The stand-out features of a COMbricks PA coupler solution are:

  • Transparent from 9.6kbps to 1.5 Mbps
  • Customisable Segment supply Voltage
  • Direct replacement of 3rd party non-Ex PA couplers
  • Usage as a PA bus monitor behind existing 3rd party non-Ex PA couplers
  • Oscilloscope signals of the PA devices and capturing of minimum and maximum bus signals
  • Bar graph of the bus signals
  • DC current of the PA trunk and signal jitter
  • Capturing and e-mail alerts of telegram errors and low bus signals
  • Asset Management Ethernet to Profibus gateway via included CommDTM
  • Small dimensions

2: COMbricks™ PROFINET module

The COMbricks PROFINET module enables multiple cross gateways between other inserted PROFINET modules. Simultaneously the user can let the PROFINET Device publish I/O modules which are controlled by the PLC that has the PROFINET Device in Data Exchange.

It's the component of choice to establish communication between multiple PROFINET controllers that manager their own specific network. The gateway works the same way as regular DP/DP and PN/DP couplers. Configurations from the GSD file define the data area between the modules. COMbricks has the advantage that 10 PROFINET modules can cross exchange information.

When the PROFINET Device has to publish I/O modules, the configuration steps are the same as any PROFINET device. By means of the GSD file the respective I/O modules have to be selected in the configuration tool, after which the PLC can map the I/O's to its application.

Application areas

  • Coupling small machines.
  • Linking networks with different controllers.
  • Coupling PROFIsafe networks to regular networks.
  • Migrating from old control systems to new control systems.
  • Quasi master-master communication.
  • PN I/O device

3: COMbricks™ RS485-IS Repeater module

The COMbricks RS 485 Intrinsic Safety barrier is capable of creating segments for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. It complies with the specifications for PROFIBUS DP in IS segments and drives 31 RS 485-IS PROFIBUS DP devices.
ProfiTrace and an Oscilloscope are integrated and also suitable for Intrinsic Safety.

The RS 485-IS barrier is the only available product for remotely monitoring IS segments over Ethernet. The user does not have to touch the installation anymore, because of the permanent mounting of the barrier.
As an alternative it can also be used as a permanent busmonitor on existing IS segments created by 3rd party barriers.
Furthermore, via the free CommDTM for COMbricks, FDT based Asset Management systems can be used to remotely access devices in the hazardous area (e.g. for Device Diagnostic purposes or to access Parameters).

The IS barrier can be mixed on the backplane with other COMbricks modules like PROFIBUS PA, Fiber Optic and DP Repeater modules.

What is COMbricks™?

COMbricks is first PROFIBUS and PROFINET based automation system that unites network components, permanent monitoring with ProfiTrace and remote I/O. COMbricks allows you to remotely monitor your PROFIBUS installations from anywhere in the world and will alert you if any faults arise or are likely to arise. It's a modular platform able to carry repeaters, fiber optic modules, PA couplers and I/O's. Over Ethernet, the condition of the installation can be remotely inspected with ProfiTrace OE via a web browser.

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