PACE launches ‘Industrial Automation Protocol Forum’ April 2015.
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PAA brings about change through informed decision making

The speed of change around the world and in the automation industry is mind boggling.

By now we’re all familiar with terms like Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. Networking and data management continue to play vital roles in the evolution of automation technologies and their relevance, moving forward, is an accepted fact of life.

Our Profibus, and in particular Profinet technologies, are constantly refining and improving their networking infrastructures in response to industry’s demand for greater data depth, speed, diagnostic and reliability.

The greatest priority for Profibus Australia as a technology association is to keep the market informed on advances in technology; and to contribute where we can in developing a competitive edge for the Australian Automation Industry in our field of distributed networking.

But, if we are open and honest about informing the automation community, we must accept the fact that there are a multitude of technologies with similar goals already available or on the rise.

This is why we have partnered with Australia’s leading Automation publisher PACE, in developing a new 3 month, online technical promotion called the ‘Fieldbus Forum’, schedule for release in March 2015.

One thing all players in the field of industrial networking, be it fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet, must realise is the fact that our biggest growth potential still exists in the conversion of traditional technologies like 4..20mA in process automation or point to point wiring in factory applications.

The ‘Fieldbus Forum’ is consequently a source of information that is designed to allow the Australian automation professional to contrast and identify different technologies for a more informed choice.